GTFS Guideline

The Green Technology Financing Scheme exists to help incorporating green technology elements in specific project related to the identified sectors.

These projects must be located within Malaysia, utilising local and/or imported technology. Private companies that could benefit from this financing scheme are PRODUCER or USER of green technology products or systems. GTFS for PRODUCER or USER category shall be as follows:

Financing size

Maximum: RM100 million per company (effective from 15 June 2016)

Maximum: RM10 million per company
Financing tenure Up to 15 years Up to 10 years
Eligibility criteria Legally registered Malaysian -owned companies (at least 51%) in all economic sectors Legally registered Malaysian -owned companies (at least 70%) in all economic sectors
Participating financial institutions (PFIs) All commercial and Islamic banks.
GFIs: Bank Pembangunan, SME bank, Agrobank, Bank Rakyat, EXIM bank and Bank Simpanan Nasional
(Listing of commercial banks and Islamic banks from Bank Negara Malaysia website.)

This scheme is only applicable for new project and retrofitting or expansion that incorporates Green Technology elements which have not been funded and partly funded. The GTFS is not for projects that already started or completed.